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Here you will find List of all our other websites hosted on this domain (IS) operated by INGC as well as short description of each site and link to visit the site.....

Bitcoin Buy
          You can buy bitcoin on this site. You will not only find various deal according to your country but also find one to one deals between you & actual Bitcoin owner him/herself! You can visit here.... Bitcoin Buy


[2]     Book Store
          Want to buy real life books & Ebooks then you are at right place & at the right time. You will find here books & audio books on various topics, fictions/ novels as well as text books, books on real serious topics, philosophy, love story, Science books, magazines, audio books & the list goes on... Not possible to describe all the topics here. Do we mention you will even find here lots of FREE books?  Worth a visit..  Book Store


[3]     Music Store
          Search & download your favorite music album here. Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood, Pop, Zaz, Hiphop, Rap, Name any popular singer around the globe & it is there! It is not possible to list everything here but if you are a music lover then worth a visit. Do we mention? You can watch videos of popular songs there! You can visit here... Music Store

[4]     Job Finder
          Are you unemployed? Searching for better job or part time job? Searching for an international job? Dreaming for higher post or increase in salary or pay check? Craving for your dream job? Want to take your career in the right direction? Don't worry at all you are at right place & in the right time. No matter which profession or field  you are belong to. How much education you have or where you have completed your study? Criteria will be any but there is a job for everyone. You read right, don't scratch your eyes! Worth a visit! You can visit here.. Job Finder


[5]     Ebook Software & Script
          Another one of our E-book store but with a twist! Here you will find digital books about various subjects & topics as well as some software's &  website script & even readymade websites to download. So many topics are covered and not possible for us to describe everything here. Why not visit yourself and find an interesting useful book for yourself & download it. Do you like other people's opinion? Then you will find review about almost each E-book to decide whether the book is worth downloading or not? You can visit here... Ebook Software & Script

[6]     Mincal
          Are you or your friends or your loved ones involved in crypto mining business? Or do you want to or plan to persuade Crypto Mining business to earn FREE Bitcoins which are actually not FREE but your wages for your labor, time & intelligence. How can you do crypto mining? Off course with right hardwares. Visit our site and you will find not only right hardware (where & how to buy?) but also you can come to know in advance about the mining profit you are going to generate before even you buy a single hardware and so you can invest your money safely in mining  hardwareas. Do you notice the name "Mincal" ? Means Min = Mining , Cal = Calculator, and that means Mincal = Mining Calculator! You can visit here... Mincal






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